“Inositol Supplement”

Inositol structure

Inositol is actually an all-natural food for the brain that enhances the brain’s memory. Proper digestion of food makes it possible to distribute the necessary nutrients in the body and a major part of it goes to the brain. Thus, making it easier to provide excellent nourishment to the brain.

Lecithin makes sure that the brain is protected by making up a covering that shall surround it. It commonly used in making chocolates, to make it emulsify and ensure that fat is not separated from water. Same as with the liver, an acid called Bile is secreted together with lecithin to aid in emulsifying with fat to be properly assimilated in our small intestine. This is a process that helps our body to produce further strength and energy as well as to have a good digestion. One important nutrient that makes lecithin function further is choline. It’s an organic substance that’s disolveable in water and as mentioned, it aids in the digesting process.

It is also a transmitter between the nerves and cells that motivates the nerves in the brain. Our brain utilizes this nutrient to control feelings, memory, sweating, heartrate, etc.

Choline can be purchased separately as a supplement, though if you take more than the recommended dose, it might bring about a different odor in your body. Always make sure to consume only the recommended dosage to acquire the most of its benefits.

Inositol can be easily obtained naturally in certain foods like cereals, beans, fruits like oranges and cantaloupe.

Dietary and nutritional supplements are readily available in the market though one should be aware of what they are purchasing and make sure that they are approved by pharmaceutical quality system, GMP (Good Manufaturing Practice) as one.


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